You are most welcome to visit my hat studio, and try different hats and other headwear, discuss material, style, size, color and design and advice on what would suit you best.Maybe there is at a specific occasion you are going to wear it or have a decided outfit to match it with. Please bring textile sample or picture if you have a special outfit chosen or eg a preferred color schemes.A special order will take 2-6 weeks to create.
Please book by phone or email. Do bring a friend if you so wish.

I work with stylish designing, mostly in the classic hat materials as felt, velourfelt, melousinefelt, stripstraw, sinamy, panama etc.The material is formed in a traditional way, over wooden blocks with steam and an iron. Then follows starching, band-edging and decoration. A slow process, most is sewn by hand, and it takes a sure instinct for the material and colors to create the perfect hat.
In the studio you can also find a smaller collection of my handmade hats and headwear to try on, and if you wish buy.
If you have a hat that needs freshening up or be repaired I can help.

My customers are men and women who wish to have a personal hat to use for a few seasons, or forever.
My designfilosophy is based on Gustav Pazaureks adwise in the book ”Gesmachvervirrungen Im Kunstgewebe 1909”. He states that good design should avoid:
• Funtional lies
• Overembellishment
• Cheap originality

I am not so flamboyant in my shapes and colors as when I was young. Now I want to keep stylish shapes. Above all, the hat must be wearable, and be adapted to the occasion where it is to be worn. That the hat in Sweden today is seen as an expression of a certain eccentricity is just funny.